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At the Crossing - Places (Book 2 in The Arthur Trilogy). Written by Kevin Crossley - Holland. $27.95RRP

This story is the second book in the Arthur Trilogy, which is a rather unique take on the King Arthur legend. In which a young squire called Arthur de Caldicot living in the year 1200. To escape the harsh reality of his life he has a magic seeing stone that allows him to step into stories revolving around his name sake King Arthur & the Knights of the round table.

Set in the Welsh Marches and France in the year 1200. As Arthur & his Lord Stephen de Holt are prepared for the Crusade, Arthur begins his search for his birth-mother, and on his search he comes face to face with his father  the brutal Sir William. Arthur soon escapes within the seeing stone into the magical time of Camelot, and finds his own life reflected in the legend of  King Arthur and his deeds of truth & justice.

Like I said a unique take on the legend of King Arthur. I have say I got caught up with the story, I like the reality of Arthur de Caldicot's world, and that of King Arthur world of high adventure, and lessons both Arthurs learn on the way. Reviewed by Mike B.