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Donald Duck “Quack Attack?*! Rated PG. $TBA

If you are not already a fan of Donald Duck, you will be after playing  PlayStation 2 Disney’s Donald Duck “Quack Attack?*! Donald Duck is his usual quirky, quacky, crazy  self on a rescue mission to save Daisy from the clutches of the evil Magcian Merlock.  This is a race against time as Donald’s cousin Gladstone Gander is out to rescue Daisy for his own glory.

This adventure obstacle game is rated 4 out of 5 for play ability. Some parts of this game are frustrating because of a giant hovering hand is trying to stop Donald in his quest. Entertainment value 4 out of 5. Graphics impressive but some improvement could be made.  Bonuses: 24 action packed 3D levels. Chance to change Donald’s costume. Colourful scenery illustrating 4 different worlds. 14 special moves for Donald including ‘Quack Attack’, ‘Super Jump’,  ‘Super Dash Attack’ etc, for him to complete his mission. 1 player game. Recommended for ages 3 and up.  Reviewed by Ross Sherwood.